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India's Energy Sector Needs a Spark by 2035

Recently India has been in the news given its high demand of commodities such as gold and cocoa, but now the Asian Development Bank reports this growing nation will need $2.3 trillion invested into its energy sector by 2035.  As India struggles to meet the needs of its growing population, energy pricing has been cited at the core of its issues.  In fact, this $2.3 trillion figure is approximately 95.6% of South Asia's energy investment requirements.  Its tragic that a country that was once referred to the software capital of the world is run by a government that shirks its responsibility to its people and through its inaction is discouraging the much needed investment to its energy sector. 
Interestingly enough, this report from the Asian Development Bank comes on the heels of Reliance (RIL) and BP announcing a new gas condensate discovery off the east coast of India in the Cauvery Basin.
How will this discovery impact BP's stock price as we enter earnings season?
Coupled with the destruction from the typhoon which also hit India's east coast, how will this effect RIL and BP?