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Can Toyota's Rav4 sales Increases by giving cheap automatic braking ?

The company took a  move that could greatly increase the availability of the safety cutting the price of automatic braking and other crash-avoidance options

Toyota is offering it on the Rav4, one of its top selling models and expects to have the package available on all models sooner.

Toyota (NASDAQ:TM) is announcing that a package of those three safety features will be available for between $300 to $500 at the New York auto show this week. In Lexus luxury vehicles, it will be available for $500

 In luxury or upper end models, such features have generally been available at a much higher price

If there is a stopped vehicle or some other obstacle ahead of it, automatic breaking uses cameras and laser radar to slow or stop a car along with the alerts feature to drivers that they've changed lanes, as well as a feature that automatically switches between high and low beam headlights at night based on the traffic around it.

"The eventual elimination of traffic fatalities and injuries is the ultimate desire of a society that values mobility," said Bob Carter, a senior vice president at Toyota USA.

Comments by the readers :

"Sad that drivers are unable to pay attention to know when to brake. How have we ever managed up until this time?

"Now they just need to add a mandatory feature to new cars that jams cell phone signals when the car is in motion. Maybe they could allow an emergency button that calls 911. A woman in my county ran over a police officer and killed him while playing on her phone and was sentenced to 2 years in county prison with work release. If she would have been drunk she would probably still be sitting in state prison. Why the double standard?"