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Hot and dry Brazilian summer is  raising  concerns over output  and as the world's biggest producer of oranges, which  supplies more than half of the world's orange juice and accounts for more than three-quarters of orange-juice exports, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture ,futures prices  are on the radar for soft commodity traders and some retail investors .

While the crowd is on the chase , lets have a look where the real opportunity to BUY was .

Series of higher lows and higher highs starting from May 2012 till mid April 2013 created corrective phase for  the big sell-off in orange juice  market  , we've  had from the  20 Jan 2012 . ( marked as a circle on the chart )

  I’d like to highlight  price action structure  created in Q2  last year (2013) in the  140.00 - 150.00 range ( marked as a rectangle on the chart )and  following  sharp rejection at the 120.00 level in late Jun 2013 .

 All this  has been  ADVERTIING  Bear Trend Termination in Process and confirmed at  the  market inability to sustain prices below 120.00 level starting around Nov 4  2013 .


  We have a methodology of identifying those levels ahead of time . Please visit http://smbu.us/smbwh  for more information .


What are the levels we can be prepared for to take action if opportunity arrived  ?

Next  Positioning or Swing  Levels  we can set Alerts  for are :

S1 - 141.00

S2-  131.50

S3 - 116.00

The technical potential profit is  at 174.75 as a measured level from previous Bear swing .


For Short Term Trading levels are :

TRADING SHORT : 155.25/165.18 for scalping and day trades if small time frame  structures are put  in a place .

TRADING LONG :  147.25  ,   139.80    ,   134.50

To learn how to identify a price structure for short term trading , please visit http://www.smbtraining.com/overview/forex-training  and select ACTIVE TRADER, or chose from the  PROGRAMS menu to find the most appropriate training  for your needs. .