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The Hyperalarm Makes Waking up Excruciating for Heavy Sleepers

Heavy sleepers all have that one story of missing an exam or a job interview because they slept through the multiple alarms set on their phone. Enter Think Big Factory‘s Hyperalarm — essentially a speaker housed in what resembles a speckled salt shaker — which utilizes a high-frequency sound that uses interwoven pitches to prevent your brain from acclimatizing to one sound. The Hyperalarm’s tricks do not end there though: when its Hypermode is activated, in addition to its piercing sound, the device requires you to physically carry it to another room away form your smartphone to disable it. Featuring a 20-day battery life and compatible with iOS and Android (with Apple Watch and Pebble compatibility slated), support the Hyperalarm’s Indiegogo campaign by clicking here.

Author: Gavin Yeung