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Andrew Cuomo to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour for all New York State employees. 10,000 workers to be reclassified as hopelessly poor instead of completely destitute

That really should happen in 2016, not 2021. I can’t imagine trends are going to reverse and in over 5 years, so the $15 minimum wage will not be the same fair wage it seems today.

They take way too long to phase these things in for it to really make a difference. (Which is in no way saying “well then they shouldn’t do it” just  that they should do it in a timely fashion.

Mr. Cuomo framed his decision as part of a larger fight against poverty and economic inequality, criticizing fast-food companies like McDonald’s for being culpable in “a scam on the taxpayers of this country.” He also summoned the legacy of another New York governor, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and argued that “if you work full time, you should have a decent lifestyle for you and your family.”

The state’s current minimum wage of $8.75 was failing that promise, Mr. Cuomo said. “You can’t pay for housing and food and clothing on $18,000 a year, period,” he said. “And that’s what today is all about.”