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Lenovo's Strong Operating Results Likely Won't Quiet The Doubters Yet

I expect that for any sufficiently large company, there will inevitably be analysts and investors who are negative on the stock. In the case of Lenovo (OTCPK:LNVGY), though, I continue to be surprised at the conviction expressed by the bears that Lenovo will fail to successfully integrate and improve the x86 server business it acquired from IBM (IBM) and the Motorola phone operations it acquired from Google (GOOG) (GOOGL) and somehow lose its touch in the PC business along the way.

Skepticism is fine; healthy, even. In the case of Lenovo, I think it also points to an ongoing opportunity for the shares to perform. I believe that Lenovo can continue to leverage its leading position in PCs and use its extensive operating leverage to reduce costs in the IBM server business. I'm less certain that Lenovo can break out from the pack and become a #3 smartphone player with… Read More …