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Update: LVMH-Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton Reports Strong Q4 And Full-Year Results

LVMH-Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton ([[LVMHF]], [[LVMUY]]) reported an excellent quarter and full-year results that showed that despite continued negative impact from FX headwinds, the Group continues to be a long-term hold. Shares rose ~10% on the results.

LVMHF reported:

  • Sales grew 15.9% Y/Y for the full year - with the all-important Fashion and Leather Goods segment growing a healthy 9.5%, despite some slowing in the Chinese markets.
  • Revenue continued to be heavily weighted to Europe ex. France (19% of full-year revenues), the US (24% of full-year revenues), and Asia ex. Japan (29% of full-year revenues)
  • Revenue by currency continued to be heavily weighted to the euro (23%), the US dollar (29%), and "Other" currencies (33%), which I believe are comprised of the British pound and the renminbi.
  • Gross profit contracted 5.3% on the full year.
  • Net income grew ~64% inclusive of the selling of its stake in Hermes, contracted 13.5%