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Brava, Apple's iOS 10 Update Includes Women Athletes and Other Gender Diverse Emoji

Frankly put, Apple has an emoji sexism problem — but developers are making progress. There are nearly 2000 characters that currently exist — none of which that represent women outside of being individuals who enjoy trips to the hair or nail salon (*insert nail emoji here*) while their male counterparts are professionals. Even the tech company’s own competitor, Google, challenged that inequality with a range of emoji featuring women working in different industries.

A preview of the iOS 10 update proves Apple is aware of the issue, giving a peek at new and redesigned emoji coming this fall. Not only have women finally been casted as basketball players, construction workers and weightlifters, there’s a range in skin color, too. Among the collection of 100 new emoji are other diverse characters like a rainbow flag, single-parent family units and men who enjoy grooming and scalp massages too — because who says treating yourself is for the ladies only?