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Tomorrow’s Action List: Monday, November 14 2016

  • 1)Mobileye (MBLY) and Tesla (TSLA) had a falling out in September, but Mobileye has dozens of customers, a moat in mapping and data, and has multi-year contracts that will keep cash flow growth. MBLY reports quarterly results on November 15
  • 2)The bond market reacted badly to the Trump win. TLT and IEF (30 year and 10 year treasury, respectively) were hit especially hard. Look for a rebound.
  • 3)AMD trading below $7.00 will not last. Nvidia (NVDA) is trading at higher multiples more than four times that of AMD (price to sales, for example). Time for AMD’s stock to shine.
  • 4)NVIDIA may make a run to $90.

  • 5)IBM (IBM) surged to yearly highs but it is still cheap. The forward P/E is 11.5x

  • 6)GoPro (GPRO) is still spiralling after reporting a weak quarter and recalling the Karma drone. Buy below $10.
  • 7)Fitbit (FIT) fell from $14 to above $8.00. It is a cheap stock. Buy on the dip.

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