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ARM Holdings May Be Worth A Look

ARM Holdings (ARMH) is taking Intel (INTC) seriously and upping its game with release of its new Cortex-A72 CPU Core which it claims boosts performance by 90% or, if performance is kept constant, draws 75% lower power than its predecessor. Built on TSMC's 16nm FinFET process, the A72 is a major advance and will add horsepower to ARM in battling it out with resurgent Intel in the tablet and smartphone space.

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Source: ARM Holdings

The whole ARM-based community will enjoy a new round of processor upgrades with the prospect of fending off Intel's efforts for the time being. CPUs from Rockchip, Spreadtrum, Mediatek, and Qualcomm (QCOM) are sure to use the new ARM cores and we should see tablets and smartphones by year end or early 2016 with substantially more power and longer battery lives than those we see today.

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