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LED lighting slightly improves the greenhouse crops

The senior researcher recently hired by Optics Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute will cooperate with Gotham Greens integrated enterprise located in Brooklyn, New York City on the roof greenhouses . The team will research , evaluate and simulate LED and high intensity discharge lighting systems to reduce energy greenhouse and in relation to air pollution, and improve crop yields and appearance to earn more profits. New York Energy Research and Development Authority aimed at improving energy efficiency through productivity and crop research and development programs that contribute to the study of U.S. $ 500,000 to control ecological agriculture ( eg greenhouses ) . Compared to existing high intensity discharge devices, , the study will be used to increase the best light yield of leafy vegetables through the use of energy- efficient LED devices. Dr. Pocock research focuses on traditional greenhouse plant photosynthesis , plant growth and development and light regulation and a new field of medicinal plants .

Before joining OpticsResearchCenter, Dr. Pocock assumed a research department in Heliospectra Sweden. There, she designed LED lighting modes to reduce energy consumption, produced more healthy food and improve the quality of greenhouse crops funded by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research, . In the past four years , Dr. Pocock together with Chalmers University of Technology has developed a bio- feedback system , the physiology of plants can Adjust the spectrum and intensity of LED light in this system .

It is reported that each of the wavelengths of light makes a different impact on plant physiological functions and each plant also has the different individual reactions for different wavelengths. For example, the particular wavelength and the light intensity maybe increase levels of antioxidants of vegetable salad ( eg lettuce leaves ), and the theoretical intensity of the different wavelengths and can change the height of the poinsettias , or increase the active compound of the medicinal plants.

Dr. Pocock said: ” Thanks to recent advances in LED technology , what can now better explain that it is possible that the different parts of the spectrum control the efficacy of the plants, and this control is unprecedented accuracy. The fine adjustment of spectrum and control and regulation of plant property add new complex factors to produce plants . “

Obviously , LED lighting technology can help plants Plant for better photosynthesis , which is conducive to plant growth , LED lighting widely applying  the plant is also a typical example of the LED lighting closely connecting to the plant   , along with the LED lighting technology continues to develop and improve , LED lighting is not only closely linked with plants ,it is now closely related to the design , medicine, science and technology and other industry to give us pretty  convenience.

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