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LeBron James Ranked No.1 on Forbes’ List of Most Valuable Athlete Brands

Accolades continue to pile up for LeBron James. The 29-year-old, four-time NBA MVP now has the most valuable brand among his peers. According to Forbes, James’s empire is reportedly worth $37 million, after raking in $57 million off the court this past year. Aside from inking a two-year, $42 million contract with the Cleveland Cavs during the summer, James’s lucrative contracts with companies like Nike, Samsung, Coca-Cola and Upper Deck have helped him earn nearly $450 million during his 11 seasons as an NBA pro.

James ousted Tiger Woods ($36 million) from Forbes‘ top spot this year – removing the accomplished golfer from the post for the first time in seven years. Roger Federer ($32 million), Phil Mickelson ($29 million) and Mahendra Singh Dhoni ($20 million) round out the top five, while Kobe Bryant is the only other basketball player to rank in the top 10.

1. LeBron James ($37 million)
2. Tiger Woods ($36 million)
3. Roger Federer ($32 million)
4. Phil Mickelson ($29 million)
5. Mahendra Singh Dhoni ($20 million)
6. Usain Bolt ($19 million)
7. Cristiano Ronaldo ($17 million)
8. Kobe Bryant ($15 million)
9. Lionel Messi ($12 million)
10. Rafael Nadal ($10 million)