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Monsanto to Donate $4 Million to Monarch Butterfly Efforts

Monsanto (NYSE: MON) announced Tuesday it will be donating $4 million for the benefit of the monarch butterfly, according to Reuters. Both scientists and environmentalists have pointed the finger to Round Up, the herbicide widely used by Monsanto, for causing the 90 percent decline of the butterfly of the past 20 years.

According to Reuters, the butterflies’ source of food, and well as the location to lay eggs, is the milkweed plant. Round Up targets weeds and kills them, making fields weed-resistant and leaving the butterflies without food or a place to reproduce.

Monsanto will donate $3.6 million of the total amount to The National Fish and Wildlife foundation, Reuters reported. The remaining $400,000 will be donated to researchers and scientists working to benefit the butterfly.

ABC News commenter Paul Cherubini said:

“It's just payoff money paid to the extortionist academics and environmental groups to keep them quiet for a few years. The truth is these groups do not even know how to grow new milkweed patches of common syriaca milkweed plants in wild places such as roadsides starting from seed. So the groups will never be able to post photos on their websites showing large patches of syriaca milkweed they established in farm road ditches and similar wild places starting from seed using the 4 million dollars. So that money will not end up adding even 1/100th of one percent more monarchs to the existing population of about 100 million.”