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Apigee Announces Apigee Health APIx to Help Speed Delivery of Patient-Centric Digital Services in Healthcare

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 12, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- I Love APIs 2015 — Apigee®, developer of an intelligent API platform, today launched Apigee Health APIx, a new software solution that assists healthcare providers in accelerating the development and delivery of digital services based on FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) APIs. Built on the Apigee Edge API management platform, Apigee Health APIx features FHIR APIs and a healthcare developer portal to help hospitals meet the demand for data interoperability, deliver patient-centric healthcare, and move faster to the digital world. This represents the first of several industry-specific API solutions from Apigee.

“APIs are the underlying connectors of our digital world and can accelerate innovation in nearly every industry,” said Chet Kapoor, CEO of Apigee. “With this new solution for healthcare providers, we are leveraging our core competencies in APIs to address a gap in the industry, enabling healthcare providers to move faster toward delivering on the promise of digital health -- open, personalized and consumer-driven.”

FHIR is a draft standard that describes data formats and APIs for exchanging electronic health records to enable healthcare companies to securely share data with each other and mobile apps and meet certification guidelines set by the U.S. government. Project Argonaut is a private sector initiative aimed at advancing the adoption of modern, open interoperability standards in healthcare using the FHIR standard.

"Rising customer expectations, technology advances, and new policies are opening up opportunities in the healthcare industry, but there’s a need to remove the barriers that stifle innovation,” said Aashima Gupta, Apigee vice president, digital transformation - healthcare. “The momentum generated by Project Argonaut and FHIR APIs, as well as the development acceleration possible with Apigee Health APIx, can be catalysts to help healthcare companies innovate faster."

Healthcare companies can experience a number of challenges in delivering new patient-centric digital services: securing resources and budget for innovation projects; working with legacy systems; delays in provisioning new IT infrastructure; and many more. Healthcare stakeholders may not have a clear path to solving these challenges, which limits their ability to share patient data and launch new digital services.

“McKesson is working closely with partners that are accelerating the transition to a value-based world - where innovation and interoperability are essential,” said Matias Klein, vice president of Strategic Growth and Innovation, McKesson Health Solutions. “We’ve aligned with Apigee because we see their approach as offering a significant advancement in capability and one that can support many interoperability initiatives.”

“API-first” solution for digital innovation in healthcare
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