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Alex Roepers Interview With Capitalize For Kids

Alex Roepers of Atlantic Investment Management sat down with Capitalize For Kids for their Investor Series and talks about his strategy for beating the market while holding only six stocks. Here's a few excerpts:

On the current markets: "From a 40,000 foot level,you know the 10-year treasury yield is around 2.4%, while the S&P 500 dividend yield is around 2.1% and the earnings yield is about 5%, based on an index P/E of 17x. So we see the market as not overly cheap for sure but also not overly expensive. The continued low interest environment remains supportive for the overall market.

Within the market of course, you have many different pockets – it is a bit of a barbell, bifurcated market. On one hand, you have Tesla and the other story stocks that have a cult following and valuations that we think make absolutely no sense. On the other hand, you have many overlooked but solidly profitable companies who have little or no top-line growth, such as General Motors, automotive suppliers, airlines and retailers.We would say the market is full of interesting opportunities, long and short. It is ok on balance as long as rates remain reasonable."

On one of his top holdings Commscope (COMM): "(COMM is) a $5 billion integrated manufacturer of end-to-end solutions connecting wired and wireless networks, including networking equipment like antennas as well as coaxial and fiber optic cables. Solid secular growth is rooted in increased use...