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Meir Ezra: The strategist seminar

The obvious question is – how can one do something he has no definition for? It is like me asking you to do “jigago” planning. Can you do it? Of course not. The same applies to strategic planning.

So everyone thinks they know what is strategic planning, yet, in reality, they don’t.

They mix strategy with tactical, operational, projects, targets and other things. It is all a big mishmash for them… BUT they have total certainty that strategic planning is vitally important.

Well, how do you become the ultimate strategist?

The first step would be to understand what is strategic planning, and this is exactly what we will learn in this course.

The strategist seminar will teach you:

• What is a strategy.

• What is a strategic planning.

• How to create a strategy that will ensure your success – always.

• Who should write a strategy.

• How you ensure the strategy gets implemented.

• What you need to know to become a strategist.

• How you debug a strategy.


• What losing armies do not know about strategies.

• And much more…

This seminar will make you a master strategist and, more importantly, you will become known as the person that gets things done.

What if you could get things accomplished on time, on budget and with no effort? The strategist seminar will teach you the tools you need in order to achieve this and much more.