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Why I dumped my Apple iPhone for a Microsoft phone

How uncool am I? Still, I basically get the same features but pay a fraction of the cost

Getty Images/ John Gress

Rabid Apple customers wait in line to buy the new iPhone 6s.

There’s a warning sign on the Internet that reads: “Please don’t feed the trolls.”

So I’m really, really sorry about what I’m going to write.

There are no trolls like Apple AAPL, +0.43% trolls. None. And yet here I am, about to toss a huge bag of peanuts into their cage.


I recently bought an iPhone for the first time. I finally gave in to the hype. I heard so many bug-eyed fanatics say they were the best thing since the wheel was invented. (Maybe even better, because how many wheels have Snapchat, huh?)

After all, 50 million hipsters can’t be wrong. Right?

And I was excited. Oh, boy, was I excited. At last I was joining the fun. At last I was joining the party. I was going to have an iPhone like every other cool person on the planet.

Oh, dear.

After a short, but heroic, stint as an iPhone user, I’m dumping it.

In favor of a Windows Phone made by Microsoft/Nokia instead.

Yes, really. How uncool is that? I must be the only person on the planet who’d do such a crazy thing.

But the Microsoft MSFT, +1.39% phone crushes the iPhone, at least for me.

I should make a few things clear at the outset. My experience surely wouldn’t be typical, even if more people actually picked up a Windows Phone and tried it. (Very few do, and their market share is tiny.)

I’m not a power user. I don’t spend hours walking around hunched over, looking at my smartphone. If it weren’t for work demands, I probably wouldn’t even want one. I’m not a gamer, I’m not running videos or using Snapchat, and I’m probably not doing half the things with a smartphone that all the hipsters are doing.