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If these NFL coaches were fund managers, here’s who each would be

There are certain similarities between head coaches in the National Football League and portfolio managers.

Both are high-profile — and high-testosterone — positions, with millions if not billions of dollars on the line at every move. People in both jobs are targets of Monday-morning quarterbacks, but, on the other hand, coaches and fund managers reap outlandish rewards for exploits over which neither can really claim full credit. (NFL owners aren’t so silly as to pay their coaches two-and-twenty, however.)

So, because it’s Super Bowl week, what better time to compare head coaches to fund managers? So without further ado ...

Bill Belichick and ... Steven A. Cohen

Both of these guys have had enormous success — and both may have skirted the rules to have done so. Even if New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick wasn’t responsible for the latest flap, “deflategate,” he did have his role in Spygate. And other coaches, like the Baltimore Ravens’ John Harbaugh, say Belichick violates the spirit of the rules, through deceptions like using four offensive lineman instead of five.

Likewise, Cohen has not been convicted of insider trading. But some of the guys who reported to him have been. And Cohen has been sanctioned over his failure to supervise, to the point where he can no longer manage outside money.

Still, Cohen like Belichick, continues to perform, no matter what fuss swirls about him.