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Coca-Cola Earnings Preview: Waiting (Forever) For Stock To Trade Through July 1998 High

Coca-Cola (KO), the iconic carbonated soft-drink bottler, will report their calendar 4th quarter 2014 financial results before the opening bell on Tuesday, February 10, 2015.

As a foreword to the earnings preview, I obviously think Warren Buffett is - without question - the greatest investor of the 20th Century and is well on his way to the continuing that track record into the 21st Century but someone whose personal and professional integrity is beyond reproach.

When the whole Wintergreen Advisers LLC issue broke around KO in late 2013 early 2014, regarding what Wintergreen thought was management rewarding themselves with more (and maybe excessive) stock options despite poor stock performance, Mr. Buffett was front-and-center on CNBC answering Becky Quick's tough questions, and didn't hesitate to say that he had abstained from the key vote, even though Charlie Munger gave it a thumbs down.

(Wintergreen is at it again, according to thisRead More …