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Buffalo Wild Wings Off To A Strong Start In 2015

The purveyor of wings, beer, and sports is turning heads. Buffalo Wild Wings (BWLD) said in its fourth-quarter earnings release that same-store sales are advancing at a breakneck 10%+ pace relative to the low-single-digit increase in the year-ago period. The restaurant is doing just about everything right, and while we have no qualms with its operations, Buffalo Wild Wings' valuation is certainly not cheap. We think a better price can be had for new money.

Buffalo Wild Wings' Investment Considerations

Investment Highlights

• A restaurant focused on the concept of wings, beer, and sports seems like nothing special, but Buffalo Wild Wings certainly has carved out a solid presence in this arena. With each restaurant boasting an extensive multi-media system, a full bar and open layout, 'B-Dubs' has become the place of choice for many social chicken-wing lovers.

• Buffalo Wild Wings has plenty of room to grow its restaurant… Read More …