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Almost 70% Uninterested in Apple Watch

According to the results of a new Reuters poll, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) may have a hard time creating a market for its newest product, Apple Watch, due on April 24. The poll reveals, according to Yahoo Finance, 69 percent of Americans are uninterested in buying on of the products.

Yahoo Finance commenter Nick says:

“WOW 31%!! I figured much lower. Wearables are definitely gaining ground. It's hard to imagine what things are gonna be like in the future but looking back, In 1995, only 14% of the US population used the Internet, now it is over 87%.Cell phones were thought of as only for business in the late 80s and early 90s. US Cell phone subcriptions have gone from 340 Thousand in the mid 80s to over 300 Million in 2010. APPLE did not start the fire but they do stoke that fire the best!!”

Yahoo Finance commenter Harvey says:

“Apple didn't "create a market" for smartphones, when it launched the iPhone in 2007. There were already smartphones being sold, with Blackberry being the clear leader in the market.

But what Apple did with the introduction of the iPhone, was to create a new paradigm in smartphones that made the usefulness and user experience of the smartphone more desirable than any previous smartphone.

The same can be said of the Apple Watch. It is not creating a new market, but it is entering an existing market with a product that introduces features and user experience that will change the paradigm, by making a smartwatch that more people will want to buy and use.”