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3 REASONS why Real Estate is one of the BEST investments to own in RETIREMENT.

Good evening my fellow readers,

Today I will talk about an often overlooked piece of investment that comes with HOARDS of tax benefits and advantages over stocks. Chances are, you've lived in one your whole life. Your family lived in one their whole life. Your siblings all lived in one their whole life, and you're probably reading this from one right at this moment.

Of course, I'm referring to the almighty REAL ESTATE. Let me tell you why owning property is one of the BEST assets to include in your portfolio in your retirement.


1) It has numerous TAX benefits.

Did you know that you could deduct a certain percentage for depreciation for real estate that you own every year? Or that you will not be taxed on profits you make from selling property if you use that money to buy more propety? I don't think I need to go into any more details, but the tax laws certainly favors the 1% in this case. The lower class rents property and still have to pay taxes on all the rent that they are paying.


2) Tenants pay off your debt FOR YOU.

That's correct. You're letting your renters pay off your mortgage payments for you. The only thing you have to fork over initially is the down payment, and then all you need to do is find reliable tenants who pay on time to help you finish paying off the debt you own on your house. Even REITs or stocks offer no such benefits. Then once the home is paid for, you earn PASSIVE income from your renters.


3) Property tends to increase in value over time.

Once the property has increased in value, as it often does when it comes to real estate, you can sell the property for an increased value. It is rare that real estate will drop in value in a long term investment. However, it is possible so there are some risks involved, but the possibility of gains far outweighs any risks.

There you have it! Real estate is one of the best assets you can invest in retirement. 20% ROI's after factoring in these three benefits are not uncommon.