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CL1!: Will Shorts Continue Into Downtrend Territory? #Crude

CL1!: Will Shorts Continue Into Downtrend Territory? #Crude

Crude Oil WTI NYMEX:CL1!


Been short in Oil for a while now, we have hit a potential target for this short so we must take heed and see what price does here.

Scenarios are:

1:We bounce off this level, come up a little and get an opportunity to short again, anticipating we break the downtrend territory level this time
2: We break below the downtrend territory level, and retest the downtrend territory level and get a short opportunity again
3: Price begins a new agenda after realising this level we're at now and begins another trend.
4: Oil goes to 0, and we spend the next 47 years pissing in pots we find in the streets wondering why the hell we even tried speculating on oil prices.

Best of luck,