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GoPro: Karma Is Small, In A Big Way


GoPro continues to release teaser videos about its upcoming release of Karma, the company's first in a new drone offering.

These trailers leave many hints and clues as to its abilities and specs.

GoPro is doing what it does best: build a great product and generate buzz.

If the product is impactful it could mean a rise in the stock as it assesses expectations.

In a week GoPro (NASDAQ:GPRO) will uncover its drone Karma after much anticipation and some delay. In the meantime, though, the company is not keeping a straight face. No, instead it's releasing teaser videos one a time in intervals to elevate the buzz about its first drone. Whether consumer or investor, you should watch both of them and get first-hand experience in what I'll be referencing throughout this article (don't worry, together it will only consume 66 seconds of your life).

The reason I am looking deeper into these videos is to understand exactly what advantages Karma may have over other drones. If the belief is Karma can be a serious competitor and attract buyers, then we want to get in or add to the stock ahead of the release. If all is well during the unveiling and the consumer market gets excited and orders start rolling in, we want to capitalize on it.


Some have contended both videos - though they advertise the release of the drone - were not shot with Karma. This is because the maneuvers, angles, or aspects were "too good" to be captured with a drone. This is my first point of contention.

GoPro is notorious for a few things. One is recording their videos with nothing but their equipment. The other is to make them look great and be a high-class production. Both of these teasers - though short - likely contain both aspects. Having said that I will make two assumptions: the videos are recorded using Karma and a HERO4 camera (the latter is explicitly stated in the description of both videos) and the team did some post-production work to ready them for marketing.

Furthermore, when you design and build your own product you know the intimate workings of it and can therefore push the capabilities of the product to the edge - and an edge can be however far away the designer and engineer make it, according to the laws of physics, of course. All this to say the piloting and maneuvers were doable due to the inner knowledge and many hours and days the pilot has been using it.

So I take these premises and build the...