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Indefinite Dividends

You will see the words ‘long-run’ or ‘long-term’ often on Sure Dividend.

It’s no secret, the Sure Dividend system advocates buying and holding for long periods of time.

But, how long is ‘a long time’?

The average life expectancy in the United States is 78.8 years according to the Center for Disease Control. The image below shows how life expectancy has slowly increased in the United States.

Most people don’t start investing when they are born… If you started investing at 21, the average person has a full investment lifetime of about 58 years. Fifty eight years is a long time.

One dollar invested for 58 years at 9% return a year is worth $148 dollars 58 years later. Turning $1 into $148 is not a miracle… It just takes a long time.

I believe that investing is not strictly about creating wealth for yourself. Humans are not squirrels – taking nuts now and hiding them for the future. No; we can do better.

You can extend your time horizon from decades – to indefinitely by thinking outside yourself.

For most people, this means thinking about their children or grandchildren.

Here is some very interesting math that shows the practical use of the power of compounding:

Imagine you invest $10,000 for your child or grandchild when they are born. If this money compounds at 9% a year, by the time your child or grandchild is 65 they will have a cool $2.7 million in the bank (or rather, investment account).

Interestingly, this is a little more than the amount needed to very comfortably live off dividends without ever having to touch the principle. This means, that $10,000 you set aside so long ago – will continue to compound for generations. Your child or grandchild...