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MeetMe Has This Investor Saying I Wish I Never Met You

MeetMe (NASDAQ:MEET) is a publicly-traded company specializing in social media. Its main product is its website turned app, MeetMe. MeetMe came about as the child of the acquisition of MyYearbook by Quepasa. MeetMe prides itself in being a leader in social discovery, a place to make friends rather than catch up with prior friends like Facebook (NASDAQ:FB). It provides Icebreakers, Spotlights, Ask Mes and Blind Dates as ways of drawing attention and creating interaction among users. It also features a chat messaging option, sticker sending and profile customization. MeetMe has also ventured into standalone apps, the most popular of which is Charm. Why do I know so much about MeetMe? Not only was I an investor in MeetMe, for a while I was a user. That is why I offer this analysis and commentary to…