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IS GSV Capital A Viable Option For Entry To The VC Market?

For the long-term value investor, the venture capital sector ought to be interesting. Who wouldn't want to have invested in Microsoft when it was two guys with an idea, or sold, not bought, their Facebook (FB) shares at the IPO? The idea is to invest in startups, or companies which have established their potential but need new capital to realize it. The time-scale is typically in years, but the rewards from the winners can be very satisfactory; the well-known stars like Facebook and Alibaba (BABA) are just the visible icing on a substantial cake. So VC is quite popular right now. During 2014, a record USD 48B was invested in the US in start-ups. Let's put that number in perspective: the Greek government, subject of so many scare stories, has to repay on average just USD 11 bn per year of debt over the next 5 years. According to the … Read More …