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Ultimate Fighting Match: Jabbing For Education


College recruiter specializing in vets and servicemen (PHOTO:

I wrote yesterday about the 2016 budget submission, especially as it pertains to the subject of education.

I singled out the specific subjects of the 90/10 cap for for-profit schools, as well as the subject of the likelihood of the proposal for free community college for students with GPA's of 2.5 or higher--and with adjusted gross incomes below 200K annually--to pass the Republican controlled congress.

Inasmuch as this will, to the average money-hoarding Republican, smack of Socialism (anything that lends a helping hand to the underclass is categorized as socialism; however, tax breaks and loopholes specifically granted and orchestrated by government to hand faceless money in gigantic chunks to the rich in the endeavor of getting richer is of course nothing but Purest American Patriotic Capitalism... giving education to the poor, or food to the needy is Soviet Bolshevism of the rankest order and represents to conservatives a traitorous perverting of our founding fathers' ideals), it is likely going to be an uphill battle for this to be passed through the congress in the form that it is presently written.

A friend of mine is very well versed on the subject of college tuition, government funding, as well as salary gaps between professions and classes; that friend is the great "answer man" Matthew Lesko of, and I will allow him to speak further on the subject.

As for the 90/10 subject. I'd like to elaborate on that subject on what is actually going on here:

For-profit colleges are subject to a set of parameters known as a 90/10 cap. This means that colleges that make money off of their tuition may not generate more than 90% of their revenue from Title IV financial aid, The issue is that this rule doesn't include GI Bill veterans funding. Thus, for profit colleges very aggressively recruit veterans and service members using tactics that are quite strong .  .  .  and technically via this loophole are blasting right by the 90% limit. If the GI Bill loophole is closed according to the President's budgetary proposal, dozens of for profit colleges would suddenly find themselves in violation of federal law.

The upcoming congressional gang fight will be a fascinating brawl indeed!

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