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Comparing The 3 Largest Sporting Goods Companies

* All data are as of the close of Wednesday, February 4, 2015. Emphasis is on company fundamentals and financial data rather than commentary.

Continuing my previous look into upcoming summertime investment opportunities, investors can really score big in the Sporting Goods arena. That is, if you invest in the right corporate team.

The three largest companies in the Sporting Goods industry - all U.S. based - represent three popular summer pastimes: swimming, golfing and exercising. Here's a closer look at what each offers:

• Pool Corp. (POOL), headquartered in Covington, Louisiana, offers swimming pool related products including accessories, repair and replacement parts, water chemicals, cleaners, filters, heaters, pumps, lights, walls, liners, braces, pool construction materials, plumbing and electrical components, functional and decorative pool surface and decking materials, spas, outdoor cooking grills, as well as lawn care products such as irrigation equipment and fertilizers. It clientele include private customers, companies,… Read More …