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Amazon Introduces the Kindle Voyage

Amazon continues to reign supreme in the world of e-readers, supplementing its stable of Kindles with the brand new Kindle Voyage. Essentially positioned as a high-end e-reader, the Voyage is a decidedly luxurious upgrade over its predecessors, coupling a matte magnesium shell with a micro-etched, chemically-hardened glass screen that almost completely eliminates glare. Boasting a next-gen Paperwhite display that packs 300 pixels per inch into a 6″ panel, the reader offers the most crisp text and images around and is also the thinnest Kindle yet at just 7.6mm. Finally, the Voyage offers new PagePress technology, allowing users to turn the page via a force-triggered sensor, thus negating the need to swipe across the screen (you can, however, still swipe to turn the pages if that’s the method you prefer). Finally, a bevy of software features both new and old are included, featuring the likes of expanded X-Ray, Bing-powered translations, in-line footnotes, Goodreads sharing, The New Oxford American Dictionary integration, and more.

The Kindle Voyage is due out October 21 and can be pre-ordered online now for $199 USD.

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