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Heritage Insurance Insiders Have Massive Exposure To The Stock Which Aligns Shareholders With Management Nicely

Heritage Insurance (HRTG), the Florida based P&C company or as I like to call it "The Heritage Hurricane", has done some issuing of share based comp in form of options lately and I find it bullish for HRTG's future. HRTG's ability to use options for compensation is an incredibly powerful tool that will continue to allow the firm to attract top talent and continue to allow the firm to delay major cash outflows that would be coming in the form of compensation. Also, the options if exercised will create substantial cash inflows to the company albeit at the expense of shareholders (the float would be expanded). Still, the idea that HRTG can convince so much of compensation to be tethered to the price of its stock and that smart executives with experience in the industry have decided to take it is bullish longer term.

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