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Even the Department of Homeland Security Says the CISA “Cybersecurity” Bill Will HURT Security and Destroy Privacy

Even Homeland Security says that CISA – the faux “cybersecurity” bill which may be rammed through the Senate any day without any debate – will harm America’s security and destroy privacy.

DHS Deputy Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told the Senate Monday:

  • The bill “raises privacy and civil liberties concerns and would complicate efforts to establish an automatic sharing regime”
  • “This will limit the ability of DHS to connect the dots and proactively recognize emerging risks and help private and public organizations implement effective mitigations to reduce the likelihood of damaging incidents”
  • CISA “could sweep away important privacy protections”
  • The bill’s “expansive definitions of cyber threat indicators” would also permit companies to share data unrelated to cyber threats

And see this.

Other than that, the bill is great. </sarc>