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Is An iPad Pro With A Stylus On The Way?

Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple, once said “if you see a stylus, they blew it.” The implications of this statement are that Jobs essentially dismissed the viability of a stylus used in technology devices. Indeed, investors have seen all sorts of companies come out with a stylus, to little fanfare. Interestingly, reports in the financial media now indicate Apple may be revisiting the topic, with a slightly more favorable view. Sam Byford at The Verge wrote “Apple is likely to introduce a stylus alongside a larger version of the iPad with a 12.9-inch display, according to an analyst with a solid track record.”

Rumor has it that Apple may introduce the stylus as a means of improving the user experience. It’s wise for Apple to at least try something new, considering the decline in iPad sales in the past year. iPad sales have fallen for three quarters in a row. Last quarter, Apple sold 12.3 million iPads, down 13% year over year. Analysts currently expect this trend to continue for a fourth quarter in a row when Apple reports earnings on January 27. Perhaps a new feature like a stylus can reverse the sales trend.