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Buy These High-Octane Stocks on a Dip: Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap (Monday 8/7/17)

History doesn't always have to repeat itself, Jim Cramer told his Mad Money viewers Monday. In fact, sometimes it can even lead you astray.

One of the most dangerous phrases in investing has always been "this time it's different." But Cramer said it's important to note that sometimes things actually CAN be different.

Case in point: When the Nasdaq was hitting record highs in March 2015, most pundits were comparing stocks to the dot-com collapse of 2000. Stocks were at dangerous levels, they proclaimed. The only problem was, they were dead wrong.

In March of 2015, Facebook (FB) , an Action Alerts PLUS holding, was trading at $81 a share. Today it trades at $172. Amazon (AMZN) has soared from $369 to $992 a share, while Netflix (NFLX) has rallied after conquering the international markets. Alphabet (GOOGL) has also nearly doubled, from $555 to $945 a share.

Cramer noted that none of these FANG stocks were expensive back in 2015 and they're not expensive now. He also went on to recommend Nvidia (NVDA) , which crossed a new all-time high today and even Boeing (BA) , which is also consistently undervalued.

So the next time the pundits warn that history will repeat itself, just remember that while that's often the case, it's certainly not always the case.

On Real Money, Cramer has a lot more to say about FANG and the lessons of history. Get his insights with a free trial subscription to Real Money.

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