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​Action List for Tuesday July 19, 2016

  • 1.“Watch” in horror as Netflix (NFLX) says good-bye to $100/sh.
  • a.Realize ST:TNG (Star Trek: The next generation) on Netflix is a good content add

  • 2.Gamble away with DWTI or UWTI. Oil has to move somewhere. One of those 3x ETNs must be right /s
  • 3.Load up VMWare (VMW) – up 10% AH. This stock was featured many times on premium subscription marketplace. A long time ago. Well-before the move up.

  • 4.Ignore IBM. The company spent $5 billion yet revenue is not growing. Profits are barely growing.
  • 5.LOL Yahoo results. That company better UNDO Yahoo Finance refresh and get itself sold
  • 6.Do not short NTDOY. That is equivalent to standing in the way of a big mob. Playing Pokemon Go.
  • 7.Join this group. …..
  • 8.Post your move(s) for tomorrow, big or small……