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Tomorrow’s Moves for Thursday, July 6 2017

  • AMD and Micron Technology (MU) traders took a needed rest and bid shares higher by 8 percent and up $30, respectively. Stocks are up despite risk of sector rotation out of technology. Accumulate AMD, MU.

$MU, Micron Technology, Inc. / H1

  • Rite Aid (RAD) continued its epic drop, falling another 8.55%. Don’t catch the falling knife here.


  • Entertainment stocks are slumping. Comcast, Disney, just won’t catch a break. VZ and T are also out of favor.
  • STX, WDC, STM – the next value stocks.

$STX, Seagate Technology. / H1

  • If energy stocks ever pick up positive momentum, hold Haliburton (HAL) and speculate on Transocean (RIG).
  • BBRY is drifting further away from $10/share. It needed a good quarterly ER but it missed. No momentum for KEYone and DTEK60/50, either.

$BBRY, BlackBerry Limited / H1

  • ATVI appears to have double-peaked. Memes are circulating on how expensive ATVI and EA games are getting.
  • NFLX and TSLA could be former momentum stars. Goldman Sachs decided to downgrade TSLA.


$TSLA, Tesla Motors, Inc. / H1

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