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Fed perfectly protected 127 key support!

Fed perfectly protected 127 key support!

10-Year T-Note CBOT:ZN1!

"They" certainly did not want to see something similar to June - July price action.

Obviously the make it or break it level was 127 on dec futures. Protected succesfully!

- Look how important 127 is! Touch below Kijun, appr level of Kumo bottom and 100 weeks (!) WMA! Also a multi year key horizontal level is here.
- Ichimou setup is neutral, with bullish bias.
- Heikin Ashi obviously reflects undecision of last two weeks (due to FED)... this will likely change to bullish (more dovish FED -> less selling pressure on bonds)
- Upper key is 130

- 127! -> Kumo, 100 WMA, and retest to previously broken downtrendline extension.
- Ichimoku setup is slowly changing to more bullish again.
- Heikin Ashi suddenly switched to bullish . Everything changed in "minutes" yesterday :-)

Bonds will perform well in any case: either dovish Central Banks will protect them, or in case of further global equity risk-off, they will act as safe haven. Simply bullish!