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Reposted: Western Digital Oversold: PT $95
6 august

Note: reposted forecast due to closing date error.

Western Digital - WDC - is oversold.

From $95 to $81, the markets are selling WDC because Seagate - STX - forecast weak results ahead. Yet STX does not have a NAND storage solution aka SSDs. WDC bought Sandisk and is strategically positioned to capitalize on growth.

WDC, Western Digital Corporation

STX: creeping higher.

STX, Seagate Technology.

Caveat: Micron - MU - is pulling back and creating a very good entry point for value investors:

MU, Micron Technology, Inc.

Markets are forward-thinking: Is MU stock down as SSD demand weakens? Time will tell.

WDC PT $90 - $95. Agree or disagree?

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Reposted: Western Digital Oversold: PT $95

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