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The Dirt Cheap Value Portfolio; A Quick And Dirty Update

since my last update on 3/7/16, the stock market has been on steroids, climbing 5.5% from 17067to 18004, thanks to rising oil prices and a very accommodating Fed. If you look at the "DCVP" performance, it makes the Dow's leap look plain feeble, as this esteemed portfolio, climbed at nearly three times that rate, tacking on a marvelous 14.7% to $44.07

The only loser of the group was SuperValu (NYSE:SVU) falling a mere 2.5%. The big winners were Coffee Holdings Co Inc (NASDAQ:JVA) putting up a 24% gain, Bridgford Foods (NASDAQ:BRID) with a 21% lift and Krispy Kreme (NYSE:KKD) with a 13% markup. Luby's (NYSE:LUB) managed a 2% improvement

Bridgford Foods: this puppy made a new 52 week high when it touched $13.83. Since then it has been subject to some good old fashioned profit taking. The company's real estate is making a name for itself. In fact, skyrocketing prices around its Chicago plant ( near the Sear's Tower) has prompted the company to explore moving the plant, and building a 13 story, 322 unit residential complex in its place.

Luby's: they put up a decent second quarter report, with same store sales gains in two brands (its Fudd's SSS were flat due to inclement weather). EBITDA rise 50% on lower food costs and payroll. The company mentioned in its conference call that they are still in very late discussions with a large hospital operator to provide culinary service to many of its locations. I hope this new deal is worth waiting for, after all, the company has been in late discussions for half a year. I wonder when early discussion commenced?

The only analyst that follows Luby's is tbonemoe..he also owns a chain of his own restaurants, so he knows his stuff. TBONE explained he expects the stock to rise to $7, in the next seven months. I'll take that any day of the week.

here is his latest analysis:

"I have dug pretty deep on this one and I want to throw out some thoughts on LUB the investment...
The Pappas saved the company from going under over a decade ago. They were bold and decisive. They...