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Wholefood Shred on the Price!

Whole Foods Market Inc. (WFM), the upscale organic grocery, is planning to shred the price to compete with other competitor. If you are a organic shopper you will know that going to Whole Foods one time you feel like your wallet is a lot lighter. Good news is Whole Foods starts to have more sale item in its store to compete with rivals. Now customers are really careful with their budgets and that make Whole Foods' sale is not so good so Whole Foods has to come up with something to solve this situation. On top of that nowadays a lot of supermarkets carry more organic food in their shelf so people have more option to buy organic and non-organic food with the cheaper price. Competitor like Kroger Co. just acquire upscale Harris Teeter Supermarkets Inc. to get more high-end customers. The Fresh Market Inc. and Sprouts Farmers Market Inc., Whole Food direct rivals, also expand their stores so Whole Foods can't just sit there and do nothing about it. In fact, Whole Foods starts to have more sale item and think that this sale tactic will trap more customers and if they are there for sale item it has more chance that people will grab more stuff. Who doesn't like discount price at Whole Foods right? Well I guess I have to stop by at Whole Foods today and see what is sale item for the day.