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Facebook Needs Better Results Internationally To Support Future Growth

Facebook is Starting to Struggle in User Growth Inside and Outside Their Core Markets

According to research conducted by the Global Web Index, Facebook (FB) was the only big network to experience a drop in active usage in 2014 (down -9%). This decline was consistent across all regions and age groups.

While they showed dramatic drops in usage among younger users (16-24 year olds down -11% and 25-34 year olds down -12%), the most troubling news is their continued struggles in accessing foreign markets with a majority of the world's population. International markets slowed in recently years amid a similar decline in developed market users.

Both US/Canada and Europe user base growth has slowed to single digits, while growth in Asia has slowed to an estimated 16% in 2014 compared to 24% in 2013.

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Facebook Also Struggling to Drive Profitability in International Markets

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