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Monsanto is the Donald Trump of The Investing World

Monsanto Company (NYSE: MON) stock is down 83% year to date. Morgan Stanley could care less, and they are maintaining that the stock is undervalued. They cite “Monsanto’s consistently underleveraged balance sheet” and their “reliance on immediately expensed R&D as rather than amortized capex to drive growth” as reasons for optimism. Morgan Stanley is convinced that the stock will get back up to $120 a share in no time.

I disagree. I am of the beleif that Monsanto is so evil that the world has finally had enough. Monsanto is clearly the Donald Trump of the agriculture world. Disgusting, universally revile and heavily reliant on shady business practices to succeed. And, while they are each currently dominant in their respective fields, they are poised for a fall.

Do I have solid numbers to back up my theory that evil always fails in the end? No. (Unless you count Disney movies.) Thankfully, some of the numbers people agree with me. The decline in glyphosate prices, their failure with “precision agriculture” and concerns regarding pricing pressure are all giving investors pause. Whether their stock price can rebound or not remains to be seen. All I know is that there is a large, increasingly vocal group hoping that it doesn't.