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Market’s Rock Goddesses and Mere Mortals

A list called “The Top Tens” voted for the “Best Female Rock Singers of All Time.”

In no way meant as a personal endorsement, their number one pick is Amy Lee of Evanescence.

I chose her to headline today’s Daily.


If we consider her a rock goddess, then her song, My Immortal speaks to her sadness of losing a beloved mortal. Side note-$391 million views on YouTube.

Hence today, the market mimics art.

Some instruments are rock goddesses.

Others are fallible mortals.

While others are near death.

The S&P 500 and NASDAQ (especially Netflix) fit the rock goddess status.

Along with those indices, Semiconductors-already known in some circles as Wonder Woman-clearly fits the goddess bill.

Who then are the mere mortals and who are the ones at risk of dying?

Granddad Russell 2000 fluctuates between rock star and fallible mortal.

In a range, we still wait for IWM to either gap up above 143 and not look back or gap lower and break under 138.00

Similarly, Big Brother Biotechnology (IBB) failed to take...