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Silver Wheaton Outshines Silver

The recent decline in the price of Silver Wheaton (SLW) in the past few days hasn't erased the sharp gain it had in the past three months - during that time shares of the company grew by over 26%. In comparison, other leading silver producers such as Pan American Silver (PAAS) also performed well but didn't reach Silver Wheaton's performance. Also, other royalty and streaming companies including Royal Gold (RGLD) rallied by 15% in the last three months. Since both gold and silver rose in the past three months by 8% and 8.5%, respectively, it makes sense to see gold and silver companies doing well. But what makes Silver Wheaton to outperform silver?

The recent recovery in the price of silver came to a halt in the past few days. Despite the recent shift in direction, silver is still up by over 11% for the year, up to date. Moreover,… Read More …