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How to use LinkedIn to seek a job

I have recently realized the power of linked into getting a job. I had not realized the power that this social media platform offers. The social media site works very similarly to other social media platforms only it has a business edge.
Complete your profile

A complete profile literally speaks volumes about you. The first impression in a job interview will significantly determine the perception of potential employers. Complete your profile and your resume. Make your profile as attractive as possible. By completing your profile LinkedIn is better placed to give you better job leads and suggestions of people they think may be of help to you.
Keyword optimization of your profile
Ensure that you carefully put keywords from your industry in your profile. This will help people searching for individuals of your qualities find you easily. Your ranking in LinkedIn search engine will also go up as a result.
Update your profile
It is human nature to want to associate with developing individuals. By updating your progress in your sector, you attract potential employers as they would like to know why and how you grow in your field. Surely you must be doing something right.
Join relevant groups
LinkedIn has groups that you can join that offer a platform where you can interact with people with similar interests. I believe this is one of the most powerful tools LinkedIn. The group can provide a platform to get advice and employment in the field you want.
LinkedIn is a social media platform and the key here just like in every social media platform is to interact and socialize. The best way to get noticed on the platform is by interacting with other individuals.