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Should We Be Concerned Our Smartwatches Are Giving Us Cancer?

Nick Bilton, a columnist for the style section of the New York Times, released an article on March 18 with the tagline ”Could wearable computers be as harmful as cigarettes?” The fundamental question posed in his piece is a valid one. Could something that is considered to be a mini-computer strapped to your body 24 hours a day induce unforeseen health risks in the near future? The demise of this columnists piece rests in his inability to properly articulate his reasoning and by quoting unreliable medical sources and findings. After a barrage of criticism from The Verge and Gawker, who claim that there have not been any definitive studies that have found an indisputable correlation between cell phone use and the development of cancers, the Timeschanged the article title to “The Health Concerns in Wearable Tech,” almost as an admission of guilt. The main source that Bilton cites as a medical professional is Dr. Joseph Mercola, a natural medicine practitioner who sells tanning beds for $2,997 USD on his personal website, which has been given an “F” by the Better Business Bureau. In summary, could future wearable tech give us cancer? The definitive answer is: “Who knows?” The debate will continue both before AND after the Apple Watch hits the shelves this April.

Author: Christopher Klimovski