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What Is Up With Health Savings Account

With a health savings account, you can pay for your pending health bills and save up for future health expenses but on a pre-tax stance. The money put in your health savings account is not taxed. The balance in your health savings account accumulate without taxes being taken out. To pay your medical costs, the amount that has grown in your account will be available tax-free. 

In order to get a health savings plan, you must qualify for a couple of things. One thing is that you can not be enrolled in Medicaid. You have to be enrolled in a health deductible health plan that is not covered by another platform. You can't be enrolled in your husband or wife's health plan and be granted a health savings account. They are not letting that slide unless it involves injury and accident insurance, dental and vision. disability and long-term coverage. 

Also if you are enrolled in the VA or Indian Health Service, especially if it is within the last three months prior to applying, you will not qualify for a health savings account. 

Are health savings accounts even an option for you?