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EURUSD trend system

Moving averages intersected to the downside, which means the time has come to start trading and search for better sell points, and it looks like better levels will be the pair’s highs when the moving averages approach the crossing point. Despite this, if the situation is viewed in broader terms, we can see that since the end of last week the EUR/USD pair has been in a trading band, and for this reason right now it is better to abstain from selling. If the pair advances to at least above 1.13500, then after the breakout investors may look for new entry points for buying.

EMA 24 and EMA 12 are used to trade using the trendline of the EUR/USD pair, and trades are made only on an hourly timeframe. EMAs, as dynamic resistance and support levels, are used in determining o buy and sell signals, while the intersection of moving averages is also analyzed.