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Buffalo Wild WIngs Is Now Only Serving Pepsi Products

Pepsi has struck a deal with Buffalo Wild Wings to be the exclusive beverage company sold at the restaurant chains. Pepsi was able to beat out Cocoa Cola for the deal by offering the restaurants access to this snacks business. Pepsi owns snacks such as Doritos, Tostitos, and Fritos to name a few. What this means is we can possible see some of Pepsi's snack make their way on to the Buffalo Wild Wings menu; Dorito flavored wings may not sound like a hot pick for everyone but maybe Wing Wings is betting they will see the same success Taco Bell has had with their Dorito Locos Tacos, which has already brought in over a billion dollars in profits for the food chain. Pepsi also sponsors athletes from different sports and Buffalo Wild Wings is basically a sports bar so maybe the deal will bring some athletes to the restaurants also.