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One Investment Firm Is Very Bullish On Twitter's IPO

In the not too distant future Twitter will issuing out is IPO, becoming a publicly traded company. In the mean time the company will be issuing a series of filings to the SEC. The purpose of these filings is to show how the company works, how they make money, spend it, and basically to give investors to full scope of Twitter business side so they can determine if the micro-blogging social media platform is worth investing in. With the Facebook debacle last year with their IPO, there is a ethos of moving cautiously with Twitter's IPO. 

Well one Wall Street firm named Felix Advisers, who is headed by Frank Mazzola, is pushing for its clients to get in on the IPO, in an email that was sent out to clients last week. In the email Mazzola, tells his clients that his is selling Twitter at $31 a share and be believes Twitter is a $30 billion company and will cone day be a $100 billion dollar company.

Talk about high hopes. I don't know what the true value of Twitter is but I definitely don't think it is a $30 billion dollar company, what do you guy think? Will you be investing in Twitter when it hits the market?